Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day Recall

Valentine's Day is coming... Last year I baked this vegan chocolate cake with white vanilla frosting, filled with raspberry jam. It was a big hit with DH and I think it calls for a repeat. It took me three years running to finally find a chocolate cake/white frosting combo that was reminiscent of his fond childhood memories (I think his mom must've used box mixes, which is something I do not care to mimic in any way... yucko).

Now......... if I could just recall which chocolate cake recipe it was then I could repeat my success and post it here for future reference.......... hmmmmm

Bear with me. It'll come back to me. (Lord, I could use a hint, please!)


  1. I was wondering what this was! I saw it somewhere...I think you printed it or something at home. Looks the chocolate chocolatey enough though? With white frosting, you have to have a really chocolatey cake, ya know?

  2. Lilipadella - I will have to consult with my official taste testers, since I obviously cannot rely on my own memory. When the jury comes back, I will let you know their verdict.


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