Friday, February 5, 2010

Snap Fitness

I've been encouraged to blog about the fact that we joined a new gym in town called, Snap Fitness. For our family of four - hubby, me, and two kids (Grandson and Daughter, both age 12) it's $60 a month on a month-to-month basis. No contracts! What a deal!!

They are open 24/7 and have wonderful on-line tools to help you develop/customize your workout routines, track your progress, develop menu plans, etc. I'm impressed and having fun with it.

The manager, Mike, gave the kids and me a full orientation on all the machines and equipment. He was really great with the kids. Very encouraging and respectful to them and I was happy with how he was able to motivate them and make them feel more than capable.

As a result, the kids and I have gone to work out every day this week. They are so stoked! Grandson is starting to discover his developing muscles. During our orientation, he was really motivated to work on buffing those up.

I've lost 1.8 lbs since I weighed in the day before yesterday and gained some sore muscles, but the best perk of all is my increase in energy. This is wonderful since I've led a very sedentary lifestyle these past few years and it doesn't take much to wear me out now that I'm about 60 lbs. overweight, soft, and flabby.

This week I discovered just how weak I've gotten. I just can't pull the weight I could a few short years ago when I was a bit more active. It's true... if you don't use it, you lose it. My endurance levels are embarrassing. Really. 5 minutes on the cycle machine is my limit. I can do 20 on the treadmill. Forget that eliptical thingy. Pathetic, I know, but it's the sad truth. The weight training is going a little better. Anyway...

The flipside and the encouraging part is knowing that if I keep working at it, I can recoup some strength and endurance. I'm already feeling more "fit" than I have in a long time - even though I'm not at all "fit" yet.

I measured myself to calculate my BFP (body fat percentage). It was a shock to me. I won't talk about it, except to say that it was a real eye-opener and a good motivator! Yikes. (Oh... BTW - Stretch denim lies!)

I'll keep you posted as to our progress. Maybe. We'll see how it goes. If it's good news, I'll post an update. If it's not, I probably won't! :o) That's how I feel about that right now!

***One more kudo for Mike, the manager guy... Today he told hubby and me about the Open House and ribbon cutting ceremony they are having tomorrow. It's a big deal for any new business, right? So, he's telling us about it and sharing how they'll have sandwiches and stuff for lunch so we don't have to plan anything for lunch. "That makes lunch easy, right?" I replied, "Well... sometimes being vegan isn't that easy." to which he replied, "No problem! We'll order up some veggie sandwiches from our friends at Quiznos and we'll have some fresh fruit too." Isn't that great? So, I guess we'll be in the big blow up wall poster cuz they're going to take some photos and he wants "everybody" to be in the wall poster. I told him, "Only if you do another one 6 months from now... BEFORE and AFTER pictures. That's only fair."

Makes sense to me! I mean, who wants a bunch of soft, fat, and flabby people representing your gym?!

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  1. You make me laugh! So true though...stretch denim does lie. But I still love it...even when I was 40 lbs lighter and inches smaller...I still wore it! Keep it up, I'm proud of you and only wish we lived closer to join in on the fun!


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