Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Pain and Strength of Separation

Never do I feel as helpless as I do when one of my children need me and I cannot be there to support them. My daugher is suffering with extreme pain from an infection in a root canal gone bad. The pain medication is barely touching it. It leaves her dizzy, disoriented, and sick to her stomach. She is sleep deprived and weak. Daddy has to work, so she is at home with two little girls who are totally dependant on her for their sustenance, one of whom is an infant, one of whom happens to be sick right now. Poor babies!

As a mother and an Oma, I just want to get in my car and drive! Drive straight over to her so I can "be there" for her... for the little ones... for the family. But, it's a 9-hour round trip! I have my own responsibilities here at home and no one knows when she will get in for the needed surgery or how long she will be in "need of support".

What's a mother to do?!

All there is that I can do is pray. So, miha... I am praying for you and for your precious family. My mommy heart is heavy, but is made lighter knowing that our loving Heavenly Father is with you. His strength is made evident in our weakness.

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  1. Thank you for your prayers mom...I don't quite have the pain under control still but I got a little better sleep last night. Since yesterday was crazy with the emergency dentist appointment and the girls not napping, Lili woke up every 3 hours from not getting good sleep the previous day. Bella woke up a few times and cried because her cough and cold keep her awake. Needless to say, the house is a wreck, we're all like zombies and I can't seem to eat a darn thing that doesn't hurt my mouth!

    On a funner and lighter note: I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG!!! It is so you...so garden :) It's fun huh? Challenging though if the stuff doesn't quite fit, or cooperate with your HTML scripts. Keep it up, looks good...now I gotta mess with mine and post some pics :)


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