Monday, March 22, 2010

Garden Overview 2010

Be sure to check out my Garden Overview page from time to time. I'm hoping to keep a running record of the garden in progress this year. New posts planned monthly.


  1. I love the covered wagon look, it makes me wish I had done one long box instead of two small ones. That would have make the covering much simpler too...oh well! Live and learn. I am very excited to taste my own Jerusalem Artichokes!

    I am motivated to get my own page going to journal my garden successes/failures/learning experiences too and I think I will do it like yours...seems simple to maintain :)

    Love the way you did your strawberry box too with the diagonal look and I want to see pics of your strawberry tower when you get it built!

  2. I think you can still do the "covered wagon" thing because your two 4x4's are set close enough together. Just pretend that you have one long box and make sure the plastic cover comes really close to ground level around the perimeter of your dome so the cold air doesn't come in through the pathway area.


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