Monday, March 22, 2010

Garden Overview 2010

Be sure to check out my Garden Overview page from time to time. I'm hoping to keep a running record of the garden in progress this year. New posts planned monthly.

Jerusalem Artichokes, otherwise known as "Sunchokes"

Jerusalem Artichokes
Okay - here is a picture of one harvest from one pot, grown from one tuber in the pot shown here beneath the collander. Did you get that? All this from one tuber! This harvest was from a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I harvested the rest of the pots. Three pots of various sizes. Each yeilding a portion related to the size of the pot and each pot containing assorted sizes of bulbs. The bigger the pot, the bigger the bulbs. And visa versa. I will take pics of those tomorrow if it isn't pouring rain again.

My gut tells me I should not ever plant these babies in the open ground somewhere, unless I want them to take off and take over.

I'm fine with that. I'm currently in process of building a 3x5 box just for my sunchoke crop. No need to visit Betty's plant sale for starts this year. I've got PLENTY of bulbs to get me started with a plentiful patch of these delectable beauties.

WINTER CROP... gotta love it.